Brenda Wakefield is the owner of Better Health Brenda served as a Financial Manager and Military Training Instructor during her 20-year tenure in the Air Force. She is an Optimization Health Specialist and a Licensed Therapeutic Bodyworker, Certified Health Coach, Certified, Wireless Safety Educator and supplier of wellness products. In 2006, Brenda completed massage therapy training and obtained her massage license in the state of Ohio. She opened her first massage therapy business, contracted services to a chiropractic rehabilitation facility as well as a fitness center.


In 2010, Brenda relocated to the Dallas/Fort Worth Texas Metroplex area and became a Massage Therapy Instructor and in 2012 started a new therapeutic bodywork practice. Training thru various institutes such as the Upledger International Institute, Chikly Institute, Natural Options Aromatherapy, and traditional educational institutes are the catalyst to never look back to a growing practice in light touch therapy that focuses on improving the functions of the body. The goal of the therapies is to help the body relax and heal deep from within. Her current practice provides alternative options for healing and relaxation utilizing CranioSacral Therapy (CST), Lymphatic Drainage Therapy (LDT), Pain Management, Ionic Foot Detox and Wellness Products (essential oils, sanitary pads w/negative ions, environmental products, supplements and wireless safety products to mitigate electromagnetic frequency (EMF) to provide protection thereby enhance the wellness of her clients.  


Upon retirement in 2000, she served as an Education Counselor, Associate Director of Law Admissions, and Director of Financial Aid and Student Records.  Along with the Diploma from Dayton School of Medical Massage, she holds 2 Associate Degrees (Financial Management and Instructor Technology), a Bachelor of Science Degree in Adult Workforce and Education and a Master of Science Degree in Human Resource Management and currently a Ph.D. candidate in Holistic Health & Nutrition.  She is a member of the Rowlett Chamber of Commerce, Associated Massage Bodywork Professional, Air Force Sergeants Association, Rowlett Toastmasters and the Veterans in Business Network. Brenda is married to Brian Wakefield and they have 3 daughters and 7 grandchildren.  

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