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Social-Emotional Impact


Tomorrow’s Purpose knows it is essential that all students perform academically and not just their elite peers. For that reason, regardless of neighborhood demographics, access to role models, or familial factors like parental involvement, Tomorrow’s Purpose Workshops & Camps are great ways for students and their families to come together. They learn all about becoming financially independent by understanding the connection between educational equity and the spirit of entrepreneurship.

Applying Research to Academic Impact

According to the National Assessment for Education Progress (cite the URL here), only 12% of Black 4th grade boys are proficient in reading, compared to 35% of White 4th grade boys. Poverty alone does not seem to explain the difference, however; for instance, poor White boys seem to read just as well as Black boys who are not living in poverty. While academic achievement among Black students has been document as lagging behind White students for many decades, there is a solution. What our youth need is consistent sustainable models that reinforce positive identity, positive expectations, high-quality rigor! Research tells us that when we promote mutual trust, establish goals as well as expectations, affirm diversity, and ensure orderly supportive environments, students’ self-confidence, i.e. their character grows; and their growth correlates positively to significant gains in academic achievement, improve attendance, behavioral outcomes, and healthy interdependent relationships (Waters, Marzano, & McNulty, 2003).

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