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Support our young authors by purchasing a copy of their book to Give as a gift or to keep for yourself.  

Fill In The Blank Cook Book.jpg

Fill In The Blank Cookbook

Author: Shania L. Burns 

Cooking has always been our first portrait but now it has become a lost art. It is restored in young Shania's book "Fill in The Blank Cookbook". It is a recipe for family values and food for thought.

Soul of music.jpg

The Soul of Music

Author: Jyana Wilson 

Music is an exceptional talent that can move and change the hearts of men. Those who are awarded this blessing often need a guide to unwrap the songs for a generation. God bless those teachers who have the skill to bring out the best of us. 

Dont Look.jpg

Don't Look

Author: Adrian Melendez

The author shows us through a youthful eye that a variety of unforced mistakes occur because we often look to do things which are bad. "Don't Look" encourages us to think before we act and "don't look" to hurt others.

A Robots Purpose

A Robot's Purpose

Author: Alan Salcido

A Robot's Purpose teaches us to focus on the details which improve our relationship. It is important to put your heart into the things which we create. Whenever our friendships are destroyed, don't give up because we can always pick up the pieces and put it back together again.

Raise Your Voice

Raise Your Voice!

A Story About Bullying

Author: Makhai Hopkins

This book uses a fictional character to show how bullying shatters the dreams and hopes of others. When we all come together to protect one another bullying will not go unchallenged.

Americas 30 Days Gratitude Journal Ameri

America's 30 Days Gratitude Journal

Author: America Bear

Start each day with the power of gratitude, because it clearly makes you a better person. When we complain less, we feel much happier. We should complain less about what we don't have, and be grateful for what we do.



“Thank you for helping me write a book. I didn’t know I could do this. I’m ready for my next one.”

~Alan Salcido


I can Read!

Superman Versus The Silver Banshee


This book uses a fictional character 

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